Sell your Banner and Free Appraisal

Free of charge, we will appraise your sideshow banner with accurate values based on the current market. Each and every one of our appraisals gives a detailed analysis of the banners you submit. Our appraisal is not just a number value. We take into account every factor of the banner. The three major factors are Subject Matter, Condition and Artist.


1. The subject matter. Sideshow banners were painted with all different subjects. In modern terms, some of these subjects are less desirable than others due to political correctness.

2. Condition. With the age and use, some of these banners have been absolutely destroyed. Others remain in pristine condition.

3. The Artist. Most collectors desire a particular artist over another. Some artists bring more money than others.


All Sideshow Banners are typically one of a kind, but that does not mean they are all valuable. It is important to keep in mind that an appraisal is typically just an estimate of what someone will pay for something on a regular basis. Appraisals do not take into account random factors such as that one guy that "has to have it" and will offer a ridiculous amount.


If you are ready to submit a banner for appraisal, fill out the form below with as many details as possible.

If you have any problems submitting the form due to a technical error or an upload problem (sometimes pictures are too big, please send your information including the photos to